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Dating More Women – How to Attract and Keep a Sexy Woman

Dating more women is always something that a guy like you would be up for. I mean, it’s like me asking if you would like to have more money. Of course, you are going to say yes if I asked you if you would like to be able to date more women. The real question is, do you know how to attract a sexy woman and keep her?

When dealing with beautiful women, most guys seem to have a similar reaction. They want to please her, they want to win her approval, and they don’t mind ending up acting like a love sick puppy dog around her. The catch is, when you do this, you are bound to lose her in the end.


Because you take away the thrill and the fun of a relationship for a sexy woman if you start acting like a love sick puppy dog. Instead of keeping her on her toes, waiting for what is going to happen next, she already knows. And predictability for most women kills attraction real quick.

You don’t want that to happen, do you?

After all, where would the satisfaction be in attracting a sexy woman, if you were just going to end up losing her in the end? You don’t want to attract the woman you have been yearning for, only to end up losing her. Yet, this happens ALL of the time when a regular guy attracts a sexy woman.

What should you do to attract her and keep her?

You have to make sure that you challenge her, keep her on her toes, and whatever you do, stay away from becoming that predictable guy. Bland and boring is not going to keep her at your side. You have to know how to attract a sexy woman, but you also have to know how to keep her.

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