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David De Angelo’s Double Your Dating Ebook – Why Do Men Fail With Women?

This ebook by David DeAngelo (downloadable ebook) is full of the top reasons why men fail with women. Here is a sample of what you will find in his ebook:

Top 5 Reasons Why Men Fail With Women:

1. Some men don’t realize that they are being “too nice.” Women just don’t go for this, especially attractive women. Being a nice guy only won’t make a beautiful women choose you.. I know it’s not logical, but it’s true. You don’t have to be mean, but most women do not like a push-over. They like a bit of a challenge.

2. Women hate it when men try to convince them that you like them. This is a sickening turn-off for a woman. Have you ever told her that you just know that she likes you! Don’t ever say that you are sure she is crazy about you. Absolutely 100% turn-off for a pretty woman. They want to be the one to “feel” it for you and they don’t want you to be the one to convince them. They have to convince themselves after they have sized you up. Women are looking for a mixture of brains, dependability, sexiness and adventure all in one. If this is a woman worth having, you can’t beg, plead or buy your way into her heart.

3. Don’t be a push-over and kiss up to her every need. She will soon bore of you and move on in a New Yok minute. She will then find someone else who is not so easy to read. Women like to see a man that is interesting and has an opinion without being overbearing. I realize that is very confusing and frustrating and this is a contradiction. Talking it out is the sure way to win.

4. Buying her too many gifts is a turn-off. I can hear what you are thinking! But women see too much of that as trying to buy their way into their heart or a form of manipulation. A little goes a long way and that is after she has expressed some feelings for you. She doesn’t want to be bought, she wants to be loved.

5. Telling her how crazy you are about her too early in the relationship. Attractive women who are attractive inside and out are rare creatures and they get lots of attention from men all day everywhere they go.They are looking for a unique guy that they can trust and all you have to do is work on improving yourself. Be yourself. Don’t tell her you like, let her tell you in her own way.

David goes on to say that women are not instantly attracted to men the way men light up when an attractive woman walks by. They are wired differently. Women are drawn to you by the way you make them feel and there are certain things you say and do that cause this powerful attraction to occur. You have to learn how to trigger attraction mechanisms to make her feel that powerful magnetism towards you. It takes a learned approach by men who have studied this.

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